The Visionista stepped into her first supervisory role in her early 20s. Several management roles; and numerous consulting gigs later, change management specialist Linda Leontowich fine-tuned her processes to help people and business of varying sizes to thrive.

While developing her V8 Performance Systems for Business, Linda Leontowich tapped into seasoned skills including: Change Management; Process Development; Business Development; Brand Management; Training Facilitation; Innovation and Niche Development; Sales Management; Print and Broadcast Production; Website Development and Publishing.

The Visionista

Linda Leontowich

She earned her accreditation from the University of British Columbia (Certified Business Strategist) and from the University of Alberta (Adult Educator). Over the past decade she also received specialized facilitator training from globally-recognized organizations.

Visionista Linda Leontowich has been recognized as a catalyst in bringing out the best potential in people and businesses through Focus, Strategy and Momentum.


Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm– RALPH WALDO EMERSON